Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Life is busy!  I don't know how I always get so involved in more things just as I have made a conscious effort to simplify my life.  My beautiful children keep me busy in the car every day as I drive to Robin's soccer or Keri's tennis games, Sosh's tutor or his soccer games, Tyler to a movie or library, or just to run errands like grocery shopping or picking up the dry cleaning (and of course, making sure I haven't missed out on something great at TJ Max, or Ross's).  
The Summer is winding down into an early Fall.  Our pool is closed, the leaves are falling, and I do love reading a good book on a comfy couch with the furnace warming the home.  I love seeing the wind blow the leaves off the trees and to feel the air get a little crisper in the morning.  We did have an early snow storm this last weekend.  The whitish brightness of the snow brightened up the whole house.  Our house has so many windows on the main floor so the snow made it especially 'enlightened'.  
 I am playing piano with the pit orchestra for Jay Richard's "Little Women" with the show opening October 16.  I am also one of two accompanists for the American Festival Chorus, directed by Craig Jessop, here at USU.  This commitment is quite challenging-- but what an awesome opportunity.  I am back into teaching piano--3 adult students during the day and 1 high school senior on Monday afternoon.  I also try to "mentor" my own children as they play or practice their piano each day.  
Bruce and I get to go on an occasional horse-back ride or Harley ride.  We love our lives, we love where we live, and are happy to be blessed with Robin, Keri, Tyler, and Sosh, AND our married children:  Nora, Ryan,Elliot & ??; Lara, Jake, Lilian, and Andrew;  Amy, Shawn, & Dax;  Diana, Mason( & Simon)  All the kids will be out of school Oct. 16 & 17 this week.  Robin plays state soccer, Thursday the 16th in Springville, Utah.  Keri is done with her tennis season and has started dancing again.  Tyler is in the Badminton club and plays exceptionally well.  Sosh is done with his soccer season as well.

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Amy F. said...

Yeah Mommy! I love your blog. I have to say that reading your description of home and what you are doing is just what I needed. I think now that you have 4 of your daughters living far away from home (yes, Salt Lake seems far ;); of course not as far as Las Vegas or Phoenix) we need to hear what you are doing, and also reminisce about the times we had living at home.
The holidays make me so homesick. Thanksgiving just seems too long to wait to come home!