Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's been a year since I first posted a blog so here is the one year anniversary picture. I traveled on horseback with Bruce from Tony Grove all the way up to Mt Naomi and had a great time seeing all of the beautiful "Spring" flowers in August.


Diana and Mason said...

You and Brucie are great little pony riders. You look very at peace with nature in this picture. Love ya

Karla said...

Hi, Karla! I know you haven't posted in awhile, but maybe you can come back and say hello.

I found your blog searching for Karlas Korner as my daughter discovered that there were more than just mine! Neat, huh?

Come visit my blog sometime. I always love to find other Karlas. :-)

Julie Harward said...

Hi seeing you at the reunion today and look, I found your! Come say hi on mine any time ;D